Top 10 Private Label Vitamin Supplements

top 10 private label vitamin supplements to private label

If your company is looking to expand its product line or if you’re looking to get into the vitamin supplement industry, private labeling is certainly the way to go. Private labeling is when you take top quality, time tested, and proven formulas and package them with your brand and logo. Basically, all the work is done for you. All you have to do is find customers and sell!

Best Vitamin Supplements To Private Label In 2016

Vitamin supplements are a great product to private label. Nearly half of all Americans take some type of vitamin supplement daily. Check out the top 10 vitamin supplements you should private label.

Omega 3 Fish Oil

Vitamin B12

Sleep Formulas

Vitamin D3

Eye Formula

private label omega 3 fish oil vitamin supplement Private Label Vitamin B12 drops Nutritional vitamin supplement Private label sleep formula vitamin supplement Private Label vitamin d3 vitamin supplement eye-formula supplement
Contains an omega-3 fatty acid that can help with everything from cardiovascular health to inflammation and brain function. More on Benefits of private label omega 3 fish oil A commonly deficient B vitamin is B12, a nutrient that helps keep the body’s nerve and blood cells healthy. More on benefits of private label vitamin b12 supplements. Our private label is a natural sleep aid that can help with insomnia and help your body balance its wake/sleep cycle. More benefits to private label sleep formula supplements Vitamin D helps muscle building, immune system support, and nerve functions. More benefits to supplementing with and private labeling vitamin D3 vitamin supplements Specially formulated with the different vitamins to help with to help with vision and color clarity, and depth perception. More information on our private label eye formulas.

Coconut Oil

Vitamin Packs


Vitamin C Serum


private label coconut oil vitamin supplement private label vitamin power pack nutraceutical supplement Private Label Phytoceramides vitamin supplement Private Label Vitamin C Serum 2oz Liquid Vitamin Supplement Private Label biotin vitamin supplement
This packed vitamin supplement can help with hormone imbalance, metabolism booster, and much more. See more benefits to supplementing and private labeling organic coconut oil here. This vitamin power pack has all the import and vital vitamins and minerals for a healthy body in one easy to take pack. More benefits of private label Vitamin power packs Phytoceramides has been hailed as “Nature’s Botox” this powerful vitamin supplement helps to hydrate, tighten and revitalize your skin. More on why to private label phytoceramides  Vitamin C is another antioxidant that has a variety of benefits but one of the primary benefits of Vitamin C Serum is to help protect and vitalize the Skin. More on Benefits of Vitamin C Serum Biotin acts as a coenzyme in the body that’s needed for the metabolism of fatty acids, amino acids, and glucose. It’s also a nutrient that helps hair, nails, and skin remain healthy. More on why to private label biotin

Vox Nutrition has been offering private labeling services for years. You may choose one of our stock vitamin supplement formulas and get started selling right away. We offer vitamin supplements for private label that are made with the best ingredients available. Meaning, you can be sure that every vitamin supplement ordered from Vox is of the highest quality.

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