Private Label Vitamin Manufacturer

Over our many years of service Private Label Supplements has gained a reputation of being superior in providing top service and quality for private label vitamin products. If you are looking to start a new business or even have a well established business that is in need of another supplier for your vitamin supplements, then you have come to the right place. We are here to help you through all the steps of getting your product from start all the way to your customer. This could include any or all of the following: Formulation, bottling and packaging, private label (and logo) design, Custom label printing, and shipping and delivery. We are a rarity as we also offer a drop-shipping and fulfillment option upon request of information.

Formulation/house blends:

We have formulators that are highly skilled with years of experience in the industry to ensure that you only have the best products that will work for you, your company, and your customers in your product. If you do not want to deal with the hassle of bringing a brand new product to the market we have over 120 SKUs of product with pre-formulated blends for your convenience.

Bottling and Packaging:

Done in house or in the lab facility depending on product and turnaround times needed. This option allows us to have some of the fastest time frames on the market for getting product out the door.

Private Label and Logo Design:

Private label supplements keeps everything in house to keep cost down which is passed onto you. We can assist you in getting the ideal label to fit your company. We have everything from ready-made templates to brand new personalized labels and logos. With this one stop shop we can ensure you get top quality service all along the way. We also do in-house label printing to keep from having 3 week turnaround times on house blends.

Fastest Turnaround Times:

The steps above help ensure that you are receiving the fastest times on the market with turnaround times of 72 hours for up to 3,000 bottles or 5-7 days for 10-20K bottle, with a capacity of over 500K bottles a month.

Call today and talk to an account manager to see if Private label supplements might be a good company to help you with your Private Label Vitamins Manufacturer and distribution.